The Power of an Early Morning Workout

5 Jan

My alarm went off at 5am this morning because I LOVE getting a workout in before work. Working out before my day begins makes me feel a sense of accomplishment and strong, both physically and emotionally!

Today was my upper body workout day. I always begin with a warm-up that lasts anywhere from 5-10 minutes.


Push-ups: 5 sets/ 15 repetitions

  • First set: one-legged
  • Second set: burpee
  • Third set:1 legged
  • Fourth set: burpee
  • Fifth Set: up down

1. Total Gym Lateral Arm Pull: 3 sets (on each arm)/ 12 repetitions
 Works shoulders, biceps, triceps and chest

2. Total Gym Seated Chest Fly: 3 sets/ 10 repetitions 
Works chest, abs and shoulders
3. Total Gym Upright Row: 3 Sets/ 12 Repetitions
Works shoulders, chest and abs

4. Plie Squat/ Bicep Curl combo move with 15 pound weight for each arm: 
Works biceps, upper back

5. Bent over Triceps Extension with 15 pound weight for each arm: 3 sets/ 12 repetitions
Works triceps

6. Bench Press using 35 pounds: 3 sets/ 10 repetitions
Works pectoralis major 

7. Dumbbell Shoulder Press using 15 pounds for each arm: 3 sets/ 10 repetitions
Works anterior deltoids 

While giving my arms a rest in between each set, I worked on my abdominal with stability ball passes, stability ball side crunches, and bicycle crunches on the floor.

My workout ended with a short and sweet cool-down that I wish would’ve been longer, but it was time to get ready for work!

Although today was a short work shift, it never ceases to amaze me how much goes on in such little time! It completely exhausts me too…another reason I love to get my workouts in early!!

Lunch time was this creation below. I have to share this sandwich recipe because it is just too good not to do so!


Soy Nut Butter Special Ingredients
Two pieces of whole wheat bread
1 tablespoon of apple butter
1 tablespoon of Soy Nut Butter
1 fruit cup (I used peach) to pour over open faces of sandwich

In the words of Rachel Ray…YUM-O!

The rest of my day consisted of knocking tasks off my to-do list…requesting transcripts, etc! I love when there is time and energy for organization!

Happy Friday!

What makes you feel accomplished or strong?


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