Bringing on Challenges!

8 Jan

A few months ago, I became very bored with my lower body routine. As a result, I created this Pilates and dumbbell routine that works my whole body. My last strength training routine was this past Friday meaning my muscles had 48 hours to relax and rejuvenate! I give credit to this workout for giving me the strength to become a push-up beast.


I begin with 20 T-push-ups to warm up my body. Then, I hop onto the Pilates Reformer machine to perform foot and lower leg warm-up exercises. This includes bending and straightening of the legs in the v-position, arch pulses, heel pulses, and heel lowers. I raise my heart rate a little more by doing a set of 20 burpees.

My crazy, cool workout is as follows: 

  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. Pilates Reformer Leg Circles with feet in straps- 2 sets left and 2 sets right/ 12 repetitions each direction
  3. Burpees
  4. Pilates Reformer Bicep Curls- 3 sets/ 12 repetitions
  5. One-legged push-ups
  6. Pilates Reformer Heel Lowers-3 sets/ 12 repetitions
  7. Dumbbell Overhead Press and Squat combo move with 15 pound weights for each arm – 3 sets/ 10 repetitions
  8. Pilates Reformer Wide Position with Pelvic Lift- 3 sets/ 20 repetitions
  9. Lunge/ Kickback combo move with 15 pound weight for each arm
  10. Deadlift with 15 pound weight for each arm
  11. Dumbbell side lunge and touch- 2 sets each side/ 12 repetitions each side
  12. Curtsy lunge with shoulder raise- 2 sets each side/ 12 repetitions
  13. Pilates Reformer “The Hundred”- 5 sets/100 repetitions

Full-body stretch followed!

I’ll be ordering 20 pound weights soon. I can’t wait. My body is ready for new challenges!


Tonight, I created a dinner disaster! I was in high hopes as I took over as chef in the kitchen and was so excited to post my creation! I poured lentil soup over brown rice. I mixed in Chobani Plain Greek yogurt, and topped what I thought was going to be an award winning meal with onion and garlic pumpkin seeds, chopped carrots and tomatoes, and avocado. Oh well, I was satisfied by the fact that it was a super nutrient dense dinner! I will be posting my better days recipes on here! I promise that there are times I’m pretty mean and lean in the kitchen!

Have you tried any new challenges recently? Would love to hear about them!! 🙂 Another one of mine is to take more pictures!

Hope you had a healthy Monday!

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